Fall Never Looked So Good: A Drive with the Jaguars

October 16th, 2015 by


… What a beautiful fall morning, the air crisp and the morning fog light, but hinting at a beautiful sunny day. The kind of day that reminds you of why we work so hard – to strive for such a day. A day to enjoy in camaraderie with fellow Jaguar enthusiasts.  A day to revel in the Jaguar brand.  It started at 9am in Monroe. Mine was the second vehicle to meet for the Fourth Annual Leavenworth Rally. Quickly followed by a third, fourth, and fifth participant.  Soon there were thirteen vintage and contemporary vehicles all ranging from 1987 to 2014.

JaguarsA short meet and greet ensued and then after a brief driver’s meeting, we were off, having been split into two groups…spirited and touring. The drive began with a jaunt through rural Snohomish County followed by a group drive up HWY 2, with a detour at the Iron Goat Rest Area for a brief break. After a brief break and the exchanging of stories, we were all back on the road for our final push over Stevens Pass. Once over the pass our next detour was to Lake Wenatchee State Park. It was here we all gathered to take in the scenery, with the colors of fall all around us, and to truly enjoy a day of freedom only a Jaguar owner and enthusiast can even begin to understand.

JaguarsBefore immersing in the product it has been difficult to describe the feeling, the power, and the engineering behind these fine automobiles. There are few words to describe the feeling that driving one of these vehicles provides its driver.  Everyone emerged from their cars with a smile. The only word I could use to describe how I felt… “Bliss”.

After our departure our next stop was Leavenworth via Chumstick Hwy for a group lunch at “Andreas Keller German style Restaurant”.  Spirits were high and the stories ensued. We Laughed, ate and then  were all off again. The rest of the drive was enjoyed from the comfort of a 2014 F-Type convertible. The top was down, this leg of the drive. The turning leaves of fall, paired with the absolutely clear and sunny skies, made for one of the most beautiful days of the season.


Next stop was in Cle Elem, after a wonderful drive over HWY 97. After a brief ice cream break and, the parting of a few drivers, the group was headed to the final destination – Denny Creek Campground. The perfect day had the perfect ending, driving into the sunset. Over 300+ miles and this day was a complete success. Well organized, and planned, everyone enjoyed it without stress or worry. I HIGHLY recommend others to join in on this growing and ever popular annual gathering.


I take away great memories. The participating members of Jaguar forums.com, and our local jaguar Club, made up the bulk of the participants. Everyone would agree it was a fantastic day had by all to partake in the beauty, luxury, and performance of the Jaguar brand.

I look forward to 2016 and the future of our brand, and to more great times with great people who really know what it is to live life to its fullest.

Written By: Gabriel “Gabe” Stearns, Service Advisor at Jaguar Land Rover Seattle

Edited By: Sean Zabihi

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