Hottest Jaguar Cars in Hot Car History… According to Esquire.

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Earlier this morning I came across an Esquire post on my Facebook news feed called ‘The Hottest Cars of All Time’, featuring a photograph of a stunning classic Jaguar XJS. Naturally the list is abundant in Jaguar models from throughout automobile history. Further to being “hot”, I think it is safe to remark on the quintessential elegance of the Jaguars displayed. Certainly all vehicles that made the list are undoubtedly remarkably beautiful cars. However, there is a refined non-nonchalant grace and seemingly effortless power emanating from  the cold hard flesh of these poised testaments of beastly perfection.

Enough swooning from me. *fix hair* *correct tie* Ahem! Here are the hottest Jags (according to Popular Mechanics via Esquire Magazine)…

100.) Jaguar XJS


The Jaguar XJS (1975-1996), the E-Type’s son and heir, was a stunning vehicle in it’s own right. Being in production for over 21 years, it is one of the most iconic Jaguar models.

84.) Jaguar XK


The Jaguar XK (2006-Present), a stunning luxurious vehicle that really hit the elegance dinger with it’s latest generation.

73.) SS Cars SS100


The SS100 is an icon, highly indicative of 30’s automotive style. SS Cars later became known as Jaguar.

41.) Jaguar XK120


The Jaguar XK120 (1948-1954) was THE car of postwar Britain. The XK120’s sleek design contrasts it’s prewar predecessor – the SS100.

34.) Jaguar XKSS


The Jaguar XKSS (1957) is the sumptuous road-permitted version of the D-Type racer. A factory fire destroyed 9 of the 25 examples made before they were delivered.

Jaguar C-Type


The Jaguar C-Type (1951-1953) was a light, race-ready, sportscar – which used a retuned drive-train from the XK120 for greater power.

Jaguar E-Type


The Jaguar E-Type (1961-1975), perhaps the most iconic car of the 60’s. It’s stylish serpentine exterior concealed either one of 2 inline-six engines. The final series 3 variant came endowed with a 5.3-liter V-12 under it’s lengthy hood.

Jaguar XJ13


The Jaguar XJ13 (1965) is quite literally one-of-a-kind. Only one has ever been made, however it’s design is highly acclaimed as one of the most beautifully designed cars ever to be conceived. The Jaguar XJ13 provided the genetic link between the more renowned D-Type and E-Type Jaguars.

Off-brand admiration:

Mercedes-Benz 300SL “Gullwing”


The Mercedes-Benz 300SL “Gullwing” (1955-1957) has been hoisted upon the pedestal for being considered the first ever ‘supercar’. For example the 300SL’s most apparent feature, it’s ‘gullwing’ doors, are the first of it’s kind – of which the modern “suicide door” was inspired from.

Lamborghini Miura


The Lamborghini Miura (1966-1972) was the Raging Bull’s original mid-engined supercar, and it made the company’s vengeful ambitions – to dethrone Ferrari – apparent to all.

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