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Mel Carroll

This is Mel Carroll, one of our senior Sales Consultants at Jaguar Land Rover Seattle. If you’ve ever talked to Mel, you’ll know that his personality fills up a room in the best possible way. He is an essential component of our store’s warm and comforting vibe and is a great ambassador for the Land Rover motto of “Above and Beyond”; something which he does for both our customers and colleagues alike. In this article we would like to introduce you to the Mel we know and love – the Mel who is not only a stellar Sales Consultant and product expert, but also an incredibly nice guy.

So who is Mel Carroll? Well in Mel’s words, he is an Angelino with east coast roots who happens to reside in Seattle. Professionally, Mel has been a salesperson at Jaguar Land Rover Seattle since 2011. However before that he had been a GSM for Lexus, Rolls- Royce, and Aston Martin, so he is very much accustomed to, and knowledgeable of, highline luxury brands. Honestly with Mel’s experience and warm personality, he could’ve been hired anywhere – so I asked him: Why Jaguar Land Rover Seattle? Mel said that he chose this particular store “… because of the culture.” He went on to explain: “The close-knit family environment that the store provides is very important – and no other dealership offers that same unique vibe, which customers can feel as they walk in”.

Recently Mel was diagnosed with cancer. Treatment is going to take 18 months. However he is doing well and feeling strong. He says, “There are more better days than bad. You feel thankful and take full advantage of each day.” It is great to have Mel back at the store, and back around our Jaguar Land Rover of Seattle family again. He is truly a keystone to the overall energy and enthusiasm of our showroom.

Mel Carroll

Mel’s favorite part of his job is either meeting someone new to the store, or someone new to the brands. He goes on to say “Meeting a new guest that you connect with, make a bond with, or a new friend – that’s always a nice thing and brightens anyone’s day.” Just as the staff is like a family, Mel treats all of our guests as part of that family too. In addition to meeting new people, he enjoys working and interacting with the staff of Jaguar Land Rover Seattle – saying that he’s “… fortunate that he works with really good people, the great work environment is something that comes from the top down!”

Aside from our staff and atmosphere, it’s the brands with which we provide the Seattle Metropolitan Area, which gets Mel really excited. When asked what his favorite Jaguar and Land Rovers models are, Mel says it’s a tie between the Jaguar XJ and XK. Range Rover is also tied, this time it’s between the Full-size and the old Defender 110. But the car Mel drives personally however is a black 2013 supercharged V8 XJ – his second of the model – the first of which was a silver 2011 XJ which he got after trading in his BMW when first starting at the store. Mel says his current car is his “favorite car in the world” and this is why:

Mel loves his supercharged XJ for many reasons. One of which is that it provides the boutique exclusivity that luxury brand buyers demand – his is the only one like it in Capitol Hill. He loves its elegance, its power, the way it sounds and drives, the accolades he receives from passersby, and the way “it fits him”. In fact Mel took his black supercharged V8 RWD XJ on a road trip to San Francisco where he got to feel her sophisticated handling and suspense ergonomics. After a 14 hour journey he felt neither fatigued nor fried, and didn’t just love his car but “fell in love with his XJ”. On top of all that it’s also about the simple facts of the model. It has 470 horsepower and does 23 miles per gallon combined – for a premium full-size supercharged V8 it is exceptional, with an agile and light aluminum body and 8-speed transmission.

Mel Carroll

Mel’s favorite part about his XJ is its sound. He says: “It doesn’t growl, it howls. When you start the engine and the V8 turns over, I love that sound! It lets you know it means business – just enough to let people know it’s authoritative but not obnoxious… Every time, I am excited to drive it. It’s the only car I look back at when I get out of it, and can’t wait to get back in! I tell my guests that – and I have driven everything!”

Outside of work Mel is an avid cook. Cooking is something he is very passionate about and this is something we all know too well, as we can taste it in the gourmet macaroni and cheese we pester Mel to make for us every time a store potluck comes around. Whether it is watching cooking shows, shopping for ingredients or savoring his cuisine, food is near and dear to Mel’s heart! Every meal in his kitchen is a production. Aside from his culinary skills Mel loves to workout. He likes all kinds of exercise, however his favorite is strength training. Due to Mel’s illness he has lost muscle density and decreased testosterone, however despite this he is fighting to regain it back with training. At home Mel has a fiancé as well as two adorable 5 year old cats named Roxy & Cora, whom he rescued. Originally planning on adopting just one cat, Mel decided to adopt both as they were crate-mates and inseparable – as you can see below.

Mel Carroll

There is truly no one else like Mel. He’s someone whose amicable presence is felt tremendously at Jaguar Land Rover Seattle – so much so that you recognize his élan as soon as you walk in the room. Mel Carroll is one of those people whom we find it a true privilege to call our colleague and friend. He is one of our special teammates, possessing the right qualities that make Jaguar Land Rover Seattle the unique store that it is.

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