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by Sean Zabihi

A sunset resting upon the Olympic Mountains, a silver moon rising above Lake Washington, Mount Rainier and the Cascades on a clear horizon. There are few things in Western Washington that, by a mere glimpse, will grab and hold your attention – an experience I liken to that of Jaguar’s 2016 F-TYPE. You’re mesmerized by it, drawn to its sleek lines and iconic design. When you sit in it and feel the purr of the engine rumble in your chest – you know you’re in for a driving experience to unfurl the senses, one you won’t soon forget.

The introduction of the 2016 F-TYPE this year is imminent, arriving this spring to Seattle and Bellevue retailers. This means that quicker than you could ask, “so what’s new to the F-TYPE?” the complete powertrain line-up will be here on your doorstep waiting for you to experience it for yourself. The changes completing the lineup ensure that the new F-TYPE range caters to the individual desires, environmental needs, and driving spirit of Jaguar enthusiasts.


So What Is New?

What has changed and what is new about the Jaguar F-TYPE? Well in short, the most significant changes to the F-TYPE of two years ago are that now Manual transmission and All-wheel drive model options will be available. Jaguar will also introduce the 550hp F-TYPE R Convertible to replace the previous top-spec Convertible model (the 495hp V8 S). In addition to these changes alterations have been made to lessen complexity and standardize equipment on the vehicles.

The 2016 F-TYPE acquired Manual transmission and All-wheel drive options

This year’s changes to the F-TYPE have made Coupe and Convertible model ranges identical, parallel, powertrain models (base, S, and R). The F-TYPE R (550hp supercharged V8) comes standard with All-wheel drive and Automatic transmission. As for the two lower power levels, the F-TYPE S (380hp supercharged V6) and the base F-TYPE (340hp supercharged V6), both models come in manual or automatic transmissions. However, S model buyers have the option of Rear-wheel or All-wheel drive, while the base model remains a Rear-wheel drive vehicle.

The entire powertrain lineup for the 2016 F-TYPE is currently ready for order at Seattle and Bellevue Jaguar dealerships, in Automatic transmission. For those that like to “row their own”, Manual transmission models will be available later in 2015.


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